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Some holidays deserve a bit of luxury. If you’re coming to the Bay of Plenty for your honeymoon or a special celebration, or luxury travel is just how you roll, then take a look at our curated list of some of the best high-end accommodation options in the Bay of Plenty.



Okay, so Ataahua Lodge is about as luxurious as it gets. You might think you’ve been teleported to the Amalfi Coast in Italy but, in reality, you’re in Omokoroa, a quaint beachside community 25 kilometres north of Tauranga. The six-bedroom and five-bathroom luxury lodge has all the bells and whistles: world-class art, antiques, Venetian furniture, gourmet kitchen (complete with your own chef!), pool and pavilion, tennis court, gym, tropical gardens, and so much more.

From $20,000 per night, Ataahua Lodge doesn’t come cheap, but this private sanctuary will certainly leave you and your family with life-long memories.

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Located in Tauranga’s CBD is The Clarence Hotel. Originally built in Edwardian Baroque style in 1906, this amazing building was once Tauranga’s Post Office. It has now been refurbished into a boutique 10-room hotel, fine dining restaurant and funky bar and bistro.

Just a stone’s throw from all that downtown Tauranga has to offer, The Clarence Hotel has thoughtfully restored the old Post Office without taking away the charm and history. No two rooms are the same and all offer an elegant and contemporary space for you to relax.

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This elegant and rustic country lodge is perched up in the hills behind Tauranga with breathtaking views across the wider region. Eagle Ridge, which sleeps up to eight guests, can be booked exclusively, or individual suites can be booked on their own for smaller groups or couples.

The lodge itself boasts American heritage features with grand living spaces, fireplaces, a grand piano and luxurious leather furnishings. Eagle Ridge is the perfect place to stay if you want to treat yourself to an idyllic rural retreat.

Paradise Beach Luxury Accommodation Papamoa Barn 2 Lounge


These designer beach barns are so much more than the humble beach bach. These luxury self-contained holiday rentals have been lovingly designed to create a laid-back coastal feel without compromising on quality.

Situated only metres from popular Pāpāmoa Beach, these two beach barns sit side-by-side and can be booked together or separately depending on your requirements. You’re also within walking distance of restaurants, cafés and a supermarket. It’s the perfect place for a special beach getaway!

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Bonjour! The French Country Lodge in Tauranga offers everything you need for a romantic and pretty darn luxurious stay in the Bay. The french-inspired accommodation is located 20-minutes north of Tauranga and sits among mature gardens surrounded by trees.

The lodge is made up of three bedrooms (the Blue Room, the Green Room and the Farm View Room), each with its own ensuite and hand-picked furniture. Enjoy the serenity as you amble through the vast grounds, or simply relax in the library with a good book and a glass of red.

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