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If You Live Locally, These Discounts Are Just For You!

Being a Bay local is a pretty sweet deal – but who doesn’t love scoring an extra bargain now and then?!

Many of our best attractions offer discounts for local residents, so we’ve compiled a list of what’s on offer. You’ll generally need proof of your address so grab your latest utilities bill and go have some fun without breaking the bank.

Tauranga Art Gallery


  • Baywave: Discount on general admission for Trustpower/TECT customers ($6.40 per adult vs $8; $4.20 per child vs $5.30). Note: TECT no longer issue a discount card so take your Trustpower bill with you to get the cheaper rate).
  • Dolphin Seafaris: 10% discount for locals using ‘GoLocal’
  • East Coast Paddler: Receive $5 off SUP Hire and SUP Express Lessons with your Tauranga Resident Card. Discounts also available on group lessons (4+ locals).
  • Hibiscus Surf School: 15% off ALL products using promo code (15OFF).
Mount Hot Pools 12
  • Mount Hot Pools: Receive half-price admission with a ‘Tauranga Resident Card’. You must live or own a property within Tauranga City Council boundaries to be eligible. Bring proof of your address to the Hot Pools and fill out an application form – you will then be issued with a card for future use. Too easy! (NB: The Mount Hot Pools is closed from Jan 25 until Apr 1, 2021.)
  • Skydive Tauranga: Show your Tauranga Resident Card to receive a discount. If two people jump together, you’ll receive 10% off the jump price per person. If a single person jumps, they’ll receive 10% off all camera packages.
  • Tauranga Art Gallery: NZ Residents’ entry is by donation (children 12 years & under are free). International Visitors $7.
  • The Elms | Te Papa: Tauranga residents receive cheaper admission ($7.50 per adult compared to $10 for NZ resident or $15 for international tourist).
V8 Trikes
  • V8 Trikes: enter the code ‘LOCAL’ at checkout to receive a 20% discount on online bookings. 
  • Waimarino Glowworm Kayaking Tour: Enjoy off-peak pricing from February of $135 per adult (down from $149) for this single or double kayak tour. Off-peak pricing for the Big Kanu Glowworm tour will kick in on 1st March and will cost $99 per adult (down from $109).
  • Wanderlust NZ: 10% discount on accommodation until August 2021 – must show proof of address, book direct and mention “local's deal”.
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