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The teen years are the perfect time to try new experiences, lay the foundations for life and have a whole lot of fun with your teens – the Bay has no shortage of options!

Drift Trikes at BayStation 2


Go head-to-head with family and friends at BayStation and let rip on their blokart or drift trike tracks. Both of these nifty machines were invented right here in the Bay and no experience is necessary to get up some speed! BayStation is located at Baypark and their outdoor field is also an epic location for a paintball or laser tag battle.

Surf lesson

Surfing is such a great way to pass the teen years – burning all that energy, connecting with nature, and a way to identify as a true saltwater-loving BOP local. There are many schools to choose from including Mount Surf Academy, Papamoa’s Hakinini Surf School, and Waihī Beach Surf School. Why not get a lesson yourself?

Bay Karts

Mount Maunganui’s Bay Karts is another fun option. Their purpose-built outdoor track is exciting in any kind of weather and night racing is available too. See who can record the fastest lap time or take on their Grand Prix or Bathurst-style endurance relay races. Their fleet includes drift karts, race karts, kids karts and two seaters so you can take little ones for a spin too.

Kaiate Falls v2

Walks including Mauao and Kaiate Falls

Getting away from the screens and out into nature is good for everybody in the family. Why not throw in a bit of exercise and make it all the way up to the summit of Mauao (a 30 minute walk) for that iconic Instagram shot. Alternatively, for native forest and cascading waterfalls head to Kaiate Falls (1 hour return) and really get away from it all. Get other walk ideas here. 


Rockclimbing is not only a fun workout but did you know it can improve a teenaged brain? It connects brain hemispheres, releases endorphins, fosters mindfulness and focus, along with a whole host of other benefits. Rock climbing skills sets them up for a life of post-covid adventure travel too: Yosemite anyone? Check out Rocktopia in the Mount for 19 different climbing walls.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are real-life adventure games, where teams get together in a themed room, and have an hour to complete the challenge and escape the room. It involves detective work like looking for hidden clues and solving challenges. It’s interactive and great way to get those brains working in overdrive, and it’s a good insight into whether each teen is more of an observer, a quick thinker, a motivator or an intellectual. Flummox’s themes involve a prison escape, bank robbery, and time travel machine. Escape Rooms New Zealand has six themes, from being victims of a mad scientist’s experiment to a story from The Hobbit.

The Cave virtual reality experience v2

The Cave

Head to a virtual reality wonderland. Teens and adults alike will love this – it’s mind-blowing. There are literally hundreds of worlds you can see, hear and interact with in VR at The Cave, whether that’s walking in space, scuba diving, playing one of many VR video games, driving in racing simulators, escaping virtual escape rooms, or being in military simulators where you go through basic training and simulated military ops (R16). The virtual world is your oyster!

Tenpin Tauranga

Send the teens off for bowling, arcade games and delicious pizza for the afternoon – or join in and flex your bowling arm and competitive nature yourself. The arcade has a pool table, air hockey, laser tag and all the usual arcade games. Did we mention the pizza is delicious?

Time Zone, Bayfair

The teens may want to join you in a bit of shopping at Bayfair Shopping Centre, but if they don’t, just send them to Time Zone – for simulator and arcade games galore.


Top 10 swimming pool 2

Swimming Pools

The benefits of swimming are endless – including being a great way to burn off some energy, have good fun with friends, and cool down on a hot day. Head to the Memorial Pool, which is open for summer and looking gorgeous! There is also Baywave, Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre and Otumoetai Pool to choose from. The Mount Hot Pools is closed for renovation, but if you hold a membership or visit pass for this pool, it can be used at the other pools instead.

We hope you manage to find something in the Bay whole family will love.

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