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The 2021 Tauranga Art Gallery programme has kicked off and offers visitors the opportunity to celebrate the work of local and national contemporary arts professionals. Visit the Tauranga Art Gallery website for all the information on upcoming exhibitions; below are a couple that are not to be missed.

Lisa Chandler Never be Silent 1333x2000

Lisa Chandler: The Dividing Line

6 March – 20 June 2021

In my paintings, I am constantly searching for a balance between abstraction and figuration. Urban structures and people intertwine through a process of layering, obliterating and tracing. Images are painted in, painted out and painted over…forming a history in layers of paint [which] evokes the transformation of urban space. — Lisa Chandler

Tauranga Art Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Lisa Chandler: The Dividing Line. Initially staged at Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig and toured by Expressions, Upper Hutt, Lisa Chandler’s tactile paintings reference both street art and protest paraphernalia gleaned from various sources, protests and rallies.

Seen on mass, Chandler’s works probe painting’s capacity to depict and evidence revolutionary change.

Christina Pataialii Soft Slope 1333x2000

Christina Pataialii: Proximity and Distance

13 March – 6 June 2021

Wellington-based artist Christina Pataialii is the 2019 recipient of the Rydal Art Prize – a major contemporary painting prize administered by the Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga. As a key outcome of the Prize, the gallery proudly presents Christina Pataialii: Proximity and Distance, a large-scale installation conceived for the gallery's atrium that evidences key developments in Pataialii’s practice over the past year.

In this substantial new body of work, the artist demonstrates her uncanny ability to radically upscale her language of painting. Pataialii’s signature embrace of both ‘fine art’ materials and those related to the trades is also evident through the presence of house paint applied directly to the walls of the atrium and large-scale drop cloths which will be suspended within the room. The new installation spans the full height and breadth of the atrium space and comprises the largest presentation of Pataialii’s work to date. Pataialii is represented by McLeavey Gallery, Wellington.

Laurie Steer in his workshop 2020 1333x2000

Laurie Steer: The Abundance of Water

13 March – 6 June 2021

Based in Mount Maunganui, contemporary artist Laurie Steer specialises in unique wood-fired ceramics. Initially trained in sculpture, Steer’s fascination with pottery led him to work under renowned late-ceramicist Barry Brickell for several years from Brickell’s base at Driving Creek Railway and Potteries, Coromandel. He credits the eminent potter with enabling him to ‘un-learn' certain conceptual restrictions gleaned from the art school environment, leading Steer to embrace irreverent and ever-expanding approaches to forming objects from the earth, which are displayed both inside and outside of the gallery.

Steer’s new installation The Abundance of Water has been specially conceived for Tauranga Art Gallery. Displaying over 100 newly fired ceramic objects, Steer’s installation uses the concept of the dinner setting as a springboard to explore ideas of consumption, value and excess. His menacing objects often feature bulges, knobs and spikes, leading us to project upon them mythical and fantastical imagery. Steer is represented by Visions gallery, Auckland.

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