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The masterminds behind Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar

For five years, Kat and Ryan Dippie dreamed of opening a contemporary steakhouse with great food and superb service—now that dream is a reality.

The Bay locals are the owners of Fife Lane, a chic eatery nestled in the industrial zone of central Mount Maunganui.

Fife Lane 15

Outfitted in elegant black, white, and wood design with an open kitchen, the restaurant has burst onto the Bay’s dining scene in a big way, quickly becoming known for its great food and genuine hospitality.

“People love the food and drink, but they also love our service,” says Kat. “We really know our products and want people to have an overall experience.”

Fife Lane 7

Diners can watch the chefs cooking their steak on the Mibrasa: a rare, closed barbeque oven invented in Spain. And if people can’t fit in a dessert, they can have a cocktail – like the Lemon Meringue Pie: limoncello, Stolichnaya citrus vodka, vanilla liqueur, lemon, cream, sugar, and meringue.

“The cocktails have become quite a talking point,” says Kat.

“We’ve wanted to have this restaurant forever. There’s nothing like it here in the Bay; we saw a gap in the market and went for it.” ---  Grid
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