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It’s not surprising that the Bay’s relaxed, down to earth lifestyle has given rise to an innovative – and impressive – craft beer scene.

Rising Tide Mount

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide is the cellar door to family run and operated brewery, Mount Brewing Co, which was established in 1996! Now reaching their 25th year of operation, the brewery are smashing out some real tasty brews which are big winners with the local Mount community. 

The bar boasts a whopping 40 taps of craft beer, wine and cider from breweries all over Aotearoa, with MBC pouring from over 20 taps. 

You can make a day or night of it by experimenting with a tasting paddle of x5 90ml beakers of any of the beers and ciders on tap. If beer isn’t your thing, The Rising Tide hosts a high quality wine selection and the On-Deck bar opens on weekends offering a different range of cocktails every week. 

Johneys Dumpling House are the resident street-food vendor situated inside the massive brewery and all of their award winning dumplings are handmade by Johneys crew. There are burgers, bar snacks and sharing plates for the whole family to enjoy and the food and drinks menu cater widely to vegetarians and vegans. 

The Soper reserve is situated right in front of the venue and soaks up all the sun in any season, making it not only a kid friendly place, canines love it too!

The Rising Tide

107 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui

Open 7 days a week, 11:00 am – late

IMG 2346


Brewbus is all about ‘crafting brew-tiful memories’ by taking the people to the beer.

Founded in the Bay of Plenty in 2017 by a lawyer and a journalist turned craft beer enthusiasts, the Brewbus concept has since spread to Auckland, Waikato, Taupō, Queenstown/Wānaka, Wellington and soon, Christchurch.

Travel in style to Bay of Plenty craft beer destinations such as Slab Brewing, The Island, Fitzpatrick’s Brewing Co and The Barrel Room, where you’ll have the chance to take a look where the magic happens behind the scenes, hear from the brewers and, of course, taste some of the best beer the Bay has to offer.

The five-hour Brewbus ‘Beers in the Bay’ tour will immerse you in a story-telling journey, with tastings at four iconic Bay of Plenty locations and a beer-matched lunch. If you are short on time, Brewbus offers a shorter 3-hour afternoon experience and can cater for small and large groups for incentive, team building and corporate events.

Departs: Tauranga Beers in the Bay – 12:30 pm Wednesday to Sunday.
Pick-up and drop-off: Wharf Street, Tauranga.

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The Cider Factorie

The Cider Factorie in Te Puna has been ‘crushing it in the Bay of Plenty since 2012’ with its Core, Artisan, Reserve and Specialty ranges of cider.

Owners Simon and Rowena Pearce – both qualified winemakers who have spent time working in the Hawke’s Bay, Margaret River and Yarra Valley wine regions – opened a restaurant on-site in 2017, that focusses on sharing plates and platters designed to complement their ciders.

The restaurant is set in a former avocado packing shed and enjoys views of the inner harbour and across the Kaimāī range. The outdoor cidery also makes for an impressive sight.

Give the feijoa apple cider a try for a distinctively New Zealand summer taste, or for something extra special, try the Reserve range which is crafted in the same style as many of the world’s top sparkling wines.

50 Oikimoke Road, Te Puna.


Mata Brewery

An hour from Tauranga along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway is Whakatāne, and the Mata Brewery. This is the home of the Hop Lips IPA, the Hip Hop pilsner and the smooth-tasting Mānuka Golden Ale. If you can’t decide, grab a tasting paddle for $12.

17 Gateway Crescent, Whakatāne
Open Sunday to Thursday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Friday & Saturday 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm ---  Grid


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